Ideas for Graduates

It’s that time of year again! Time for school to let out, and new graduates to embark on the next chapter of their lives. I’ll be doing a small series here on the blog to help you get through the summer without breaking the bank. First item to discuss…graduation gift ideas.

Graduating from high school was a big deal. In a sense, childhood was over and adulthood was beginning. Whether you were continuing education or entering the workforce, it was a very exciting time full of possibilities! Gift cards are wonderful for graduates. They allow you to control the amount you want to spend, so you can easily stay in your gift buying budget. Here are some options for store to purchase from if the graduate is continuing to college:

  • Amazon offers endless goods (including textbooks!) to help the graduate get ready for the next level.
  • Target– If they are moving out of the house, Target can help them get set up in their new residence.
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is the go-to store for dorm room life.

You could also purchase a Visa™ giftcard in amy amount from any of our branches. The graduate can use the card anywhere Visa™ is accepted.

If your budget allows, technology is a wonderful tool for the modern student. Here are some great gadgets that would be a fantastic idea for any graduate:

  • iPad– The ultimate in portable productivity. An iPad can fit easily into a purse or backpack and go anywhere the student goes. There are numerous educational apps, textbooks and many other resources that make it perfect for students. Not to mention, FaceTime capability to keep in touch with family.
  • iPod– Allows students to take along music wherever they are…from the car ride home to the library.
  • Livescribe Smartpen– I wish this product was available when I was in school! This pen writes, records and transfers notes to your computer! You can search your notes for keywords, play back lectures from class, and share your notes with friends via email all in one device.

Students will need more than technology and gift cards! Here are some other ideas for great gifts:

  • Luggage/tote bag– Even if the student isn’t going far from home, a nice duffle bag will be put to use carrying books and laptops back and forth.
  • Coffee pot– Students can save a lot of money by brewing their own coffee for all-nighter study sessions.
  • Planner– The adjustment to college can be difficult. Help students keep track of everything in one place.

I hope that helps you come up with the perfect gift for the graduates in your life!


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