Spring Fever

Spring break is over, the weather is gorgeous, and we are counting down the days until Summer. I thought I would share some of the budget-friendly activities my family likes to do in our great area…

  • The Memphis Zoo– Memphis has one of the best and biggest zoos in the country! We love to go to the zoo, and for around $100, your family can get an annual membership and go as often as you like (and park for free!)! Right now, there is a dinosaur exhibit. Don’t forget to pack the kids swimsuits so they can run through the fountain!
  • Greenline – The 6.5 mile stretch of paved trail goes from Tillman to Shelby Farms. Personally, I think this is one of the greatest things Memphis has done. The whole family can safely enjoy a bike ride or walk in a beautiful setting, right through the heart of Memphis. When you get to Shelby Farms, you have to let the kids play at the…
  • Woodland Discovery playground at Shelby Farms– This is by far one of the coolest playgrounds I’ve ever seen. There is plenty to do for all ages. Pack a lunch, and bring a towel (the metal slides get really hot in the sun!).
  • Farmers Markets– There are plenty of Farmers Markets to choose from in our area. You can stroll around and look at all the beautiful produce and flowers, or support all of the locally grown goodies by buying some groceries.

There are plenty of options for ways to get out and enjoy the weather. I hope these few suggestions have helped you plan ways to get outdoors this weekend! Remember, it’s only going to get hotter!


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