How to Save on Groceries: Couponing Lite

“Extreme couponer” I am not, but I do practice a few simple things that can add up to savings. There are a lot of people who know a lot more about couponing than I do. It can take a lot of time to get the best deals, and it might even require a little space in your house for stockpiling and bulk shopping. But, the savings is enormous. Here are some resources if you are interested in getting started couponing:

I call my version of couponing, “Couponing Lite.” I spend about 15 minutes per week and spend $0 on coupons (yes, some couponers pay for their coupons). My routine is simple, every week when the coupon mailer comes in my mailbox, I scan through it, keeping in mind what stores double coupons, as well as what products we actually use. If anything looks appealing, I’ll clip it. I also look through the stores weekly ads. I shop at three stores: a large chain, a discount store, and a bulk big box store. I stop at the large chain about once a week, the discount store twice a month, and the big box store once a month. After looking through all the mailers, I visit the stores websites to see if there are any online coupons. Some stores will load the cards directly to your store-specific benefit card…no printing required. When I know what all is on special, and know what coupons I have, I make our meal plan according to what is on sale. I rarely buy anything that isn’t on sale, or that I have a coupon for.

That’s my routine. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. I’ve been able to cut down on my monthly grocery spending quite a bit using this method. Anyone else have any tips?


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