How to Save on Groceries: Shop at More Than One Store

For years, I would only shop at one store a week. I blamed it on having limited time, and little ones to cart around. I didn’t realize how much it was costing me to pour all of my money into one store. After noticing other stores weekly ads and doing a little research online, I thought I could actually save quite a bit by shopping at a discount market for some of our staples. I also got a membership to a big box store to buy some items in bulk. Now my grocery shopping routine looks like this:

  • Once a week for produce and milk: big chain grocery store (i.e. Kroger, Whole Foods)
  • Twice a month for big shopping trip after I’ve done our meal plan: discount store (i.e. Aldi, Save-A-Lot, Coopers)
  • Once a month for non-perishables I can buy in bulk: big box store (i.e. Costco, Sam’s Club)

What about you…do you shop at more than one store?



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