YogaFest Collierville

Collierville now has its very own yoga studio thanks to Lisa Warmuth. I had the privilege of stopping in the studio this week for a class and a chat with Lisa. It was such a joy!

My experience. The studio was easy to find thanks to the pretty signs. As you walk in, Lisa is there to greet you at the sign in table. The studio is a beautiful room with large windows. I honestly felt like I was in either a big city, or in the middle of no-where. The calmness of the room transported you to a different place entirely. There’s a room with shelves to keep your stuff nearby, and a fridge with water. The studio is stocked with yoga mats, blocks and towels, so there really isn’t a need to bring anything except yourself. I brought my own mat, but I think several of the other people in the class used the ones at the studio.

As the class began, Lisa let us know what to expect: we would be focusing on hips. As I looked around, there seemed to be a wide array of experience, size and age in the room. I felt very comfortable being that it was my first time at the studio. Lisa used my name repeatedly in the class and fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie. It was delightful!

As the class moved on, Lisa was very good at talking us through each pose and modeling it for us. She also walks around the room, helping with form or providing assistance for deeper stretching. The class was designed for all levels of yogis, and I believe there were all levels present. Some of the poses were quite difficult, but Lisa demonstrated how each could be modified to fit your current level. She took the “scary” out of yoga.

After 75 minutes of Slow Flow, I was left feeling like I had just had a massage. Lisa even came around at the end for a light arm massage. It really was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of fitness level or experience with yoga.

About Lisa. Lisa started practicing yoga in 2005 as a complement to running. She completed a 200 hour RYT training program through Jason Hulshof of the Johnny Kest Center for Yoga. She lives with her husband and two children in Fayette County.

Advice for new yogis. Yoga can be terrifying. It’s extremely intimidating if you have never been to a class. “The toughest part is getting through the door,” Lisa says. She recommends to pick a class that makes sense to you (maybe it is described as a beginner class, or level 1) and go for it!

How did the Bank help? “They took a lot of the fear out of opening a small business,” Lisa says. “The whole process was really easy, from paperwork to answering all my questions. Cathy [Mathis, branch manager of Piperton] was extrememly accessible and I could drop anything off through the drive through window.”

Advice from Lisa for new business owners. Although Lisa and her family had their personal banking relationship with an out-of-state credit union, she recommended going with a community bank for a small business. Not only will they be more accessible, but they are invested in the same community as your business will be.

Go there:

YogaFest Collierville

366 New Byhalia Ste. 4A

Collierville, TN





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