Halloween on a Budget

We are excited about Halloween at our house. The kids had their costumes picked out in August (my oldest will be a princess, youngest will be a ladybug) and can hardly wait to go trick-or-treating. This will be our first year to officially trick-or-treat since my oldest is only three! Our weekend is full of local fall festivals and our candy is ready to hand out. With all the festivities, Halloween can get a little pricey. Here are some tips to stay on budget this Halloween:

  • Make the costumes at home- I remember my grandmother making most of our costumes growing up. She would sew each one, and it probably took her hours to complete. Unfortunately, the sewing gene did not get passed along to me, so here are some easy (most require no sewing at all) and inexpensive homemade costume ideas.
  • Making candy instead of buying candy- A bulk bag of Halloween candy is expensive! If you get enough to feed a neighborhood of kids, you’re looking at about $20! Why not bake some cookies, make some rice krispie treats, or dip some caramel apples instead? You can get the kids involved and individually wrap treats to hand out. You will save money and spend some quality time with the family.
  • Decorate with things around the house- I love the idea of using mason jars or milk jugs to decorate. In the South, who doesn’t have a few extra mason jars?

What kind of Halloween traditions do you have in your family? Do you take the kids trick-or-treating? Decorate the house? Or are you more into hayrides and fall festivals?  

If you have pictures from Halloween we would love to see them!! Simply upload them to our Facebook page at facebook.com/bankoffayettecounty.


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