Upcoming Events: Cotton Festival

On September 10, 2011 (9/10/11…a once in a lifetime day), the 12th annual Fayette County Cotton Festival will be held at the Somerville town square. This year, there will be over 100 vendors, live music, food, activities for the kids, art and more. My personal favorite thing about the Cotton Festival is the Cotton Pickin’ 5K, benefitting Fayette Cares. The race starts at 8:30am and runners/walkers (strollers are allowed) can enjoy a scenic route through historical downtown Somerville. The first year (2009), they had a massive hill right before the end of the course, which, being a beginner runner at the time, I thought was pretty cruel. Course organizers must have thought so as well, because they moved the ending of the course to a friendlier straightaway for last year’s race. I love this race because it is small and everyone is welcome, runners and non-runners alike. If you place in your age division, you get a little cotton bale trophy. I actually have one of these coveted trophies from my first year where I placed 2nd in my age division (I’m pretty sure there were only two of us in the age division, and I was definitely the slow one.). Registration is open for the race now! Hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events: Cotton Festival

  1. Great post!

    My daughter ran the Cotton Pikcin’ 5k in 2010. She worried so much preparing for her first 5k. “Mom! I’m not sure I can run three miles!” When she won first place in her age division she was bitten by the running bug. A few short months later she joined the UT Martin Cross Country team and now has running scholarships! Just think, this all started by doing something good for those in need.

    The 5k actually started in 2008 🙂

    • Thanks for the correction Alexandra! So sorry about the error! I thought my t-shirt said “1st Annual”, but I just looked at it and it says “2nd Annual”. Sorry!!

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